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Stupid GPS! An Example of Bad Situation Turned for the Best

So those are the first days of graduate college, I have been sent to Edmond, Oklahoma USA to complete my degree in International Relations as a Fulbright scholar. So I moved to New York first for my preacademic English Program which I enjoyed very much. Then I flew to  Edmond Oklahoma to start my graduate program. Being new in town, I do not know the place very much, so when I want to go somewhere I take advantage of the GPS application installed in my smart phone.

Just yesterday, when I was trying to find a Western Union to transfer money to my friend in NY, and after a long long walk in the heat and the sun leading me nowhere but to my home, I had a doubt that my GPS is not working  perfectly. Today is Saturday, I was speaking with my friend, he conveyed his desperate need for money, so I searched the internet to find the closest money transfer system to my home, and I was successful. I found a company near my house, I called them, and they gave me their address which was supposedly close to my house. In spite of my friend's persistence that I must take the bus, I insisted to take a walk to get to the place and so I did.

It was a long long walk in the heat like the one I had yesterday depending on my GPS to arrive to my destination. Following its instructions, I was wondering through the streets of Edmond, walking and walking between the houses in the suburb. Then, the woman's voice of the GPS said that I reached my final destination. It was a big green building, I went to the front door where saw some clothes on the front window! Do they transfer money in the clothes shop? or it might be some kind of mini market and they might do. So I got in. There were clothes, shoes and some home supplies. So I went to the cashier and asked her if they transfer money because my GPS led me here. She answered negatively and called her boss, her boss also answered the same and conveyed that this is the wrong address and I am 8 blocks away from my destination. At this point, I realized that my GPS is not working good at all. She suggested  I go to the back and try to find the address. Puzzled and angry, I stepped away from the store.

Few steps away from the store, the flipflop I was wearing is cut! Pulling my legs, I went back to the store and bought an emergency pair of shoes which helped me continue my walk. So I did. A couple of yards, I saw two young men. I hesitated for a little, being alone with two strangers in the empty street wasn't a promising situation, but I continued walking praying nothing wrong would happen. when I approached them, one asked me how I was doing? The flow of words came out of my mouth asking them how can I transfer money. They answered that they did not know but they directed me to a corner store near by and I headed there. The store cashier answered negatively when I asked her if they transfer money, but one customer suggested I go to the post office couple of yards away and so I did. 

I stood in the line of the post office when there was a young woman standing in front of me there. In addition, she told me that those guys do not transfer money and the best place to do that is Walmart. We walked together outside while she was giving me the direction to get there. Then seeing me tired, she offered a ride. By that, I got to my destination in an air conditioned car. The nice woman waited for me until I finished the transaction and took me home. I couldn't thank her enough just prayed in secret that God bless her and her family for she helped a total stranger from a " relatively dangerous" country and saved her from collapsing in the sun, and I got home by car!!!

If my GPS wasn't wrong and did really lead me to my destination instead of that store that sells shoes, then my flipflop would be cut and I would be in trouble risking walking 900 yards in the hot sun barefoot. If I did not ask those young men and just ran away instead, I would not be led to the corner store therefore to the post office where I met this lovely lady who took fully care of me and helped me to the last minute. The moral of the story, is however bad the situation seems, it is always for the best. Good lesson for life!

Regards from Edmond OK  Aug 27, 2011

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Final Destination

Finally I landed yesterday in my final destination Edmond, Oklahoma. 
It is so hot but not Baghdad hot, though it looks like Baghdad in many aspects. Beautiful flat city with everything one may possibly needs. 

I got picked up by a minister who has an international student services, he help them settle down plus offering his house for the new student who has no place to live which is what I am doing now. I am experiencing life in the suburbs which is so nice and quiet. Typical religious american house; mum and dad, two beautiful kids, boy and a girl, the girl is getting ready to leave for school, and two lovely hyper female dogs. Sometimes in the afternoon, I hear the boy playing guitar which gives me a great feeling of relaxation, I feel like I am in a spa or a classy restaurant.

Although I am still suffering from a jet lag, but I am so relaxed in this wonderful house. God bless this family.

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Saturday, August 13, 2011

In Money

in our READING class, we had some reading to do about money. The teacher is well resourceful and she had traveled a lot and has a wide experience in life. . I like her comments in class but one really caught my attention, she said:

" You have one chance in life to invest money and if it turned good, you will have a good ground to lay on when you are old"

I always thought so!

Corruption in Iraq: A Case Study of Massive Fraud in the Power Sector

Corruption in Iraq: A Case Study of Massive Fraud in the Power Sector

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Power of Now

The past is gone, the future does not exist, the present is gift, this is why they call it present.

-Kung Fu Panda