Tuesday, December 11, 2012


IRAQ; demolishing schools by Dept of Education, not building any new ones. Students shall travel to other schools away from homes and some schools are hosting three schools at the same time. For solution, the study hours is condensed to 2 hours while the Dept. does not certify less than 7 hours minimum, recess, PE, Art cancelled. 

School administration and teachers torture, beat, cut and shave hair and drag female students for not wearing HIJAB ( head scarf). Discrimination against non veiled female students reached high levels. Teachers give more grades to female students the more they cover their bodies. 

Mum said: " why you want to leave Iraq?" I say, " yeah, like I want my daughter to live like I do!"

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


As a Public Relations Officer at UCO Management Club, I arranged to have a very inspiring man as a guest speaker for our weekly meeting. I selected Joe Holmes, CEO of Ground Works, Inc. A leader that chases opportunities regardless of how risky they are. I knew the works of GWI, Inc. when I started my career in contracting companies in Iraq. The works of GWI is well known in Iraq by its quality. GWI is an international business developer and construction company. It has offices in South Africa, Dubai, Georgia and Iraq. The HQ is here in Edmond, Oklahoma. This was a pleasant twist of destiny since I moved there from Iraq where I spent the last year working in a company next door to GWI Iraq office. I met Mr. Holmes through a dear friend family and it turned out that Mr. Holmes is their friend. The reason I chose Mr Holmes is his persistence on pursuing opportunities no matter where they are and how risky they might be. GWI operated in Iraq in the most volatile and dangerous era not letting insurgent or terrorists interfere with his vision and dreams. 

Mr. Holmes shared with us his strife to the top. He started by telling his success story on how he climbed the corporate ladder then becoming a CEO of a family owned very successful business. The primary lesson he gave us and repeatedly mentioned is " there is always something to do". This is, according to him, is what is very important in climbing the corporate ladder. It is with hard work on something really matter. He also stressed on Business Plan, when he started his business, his most important asset was a business plan based on a thorough research of the market and finances. The most important point in a business plan is what would makes it difference than other business plan and convince investors and bankers to adopt it. To seek investors, Mr Holmes advised to avoid venture capitals and look for bankers, good businessmen and foreign capital. 

Mr Holmes concluded with valuable advises for future businessmen and corporate business developers as most of us in management club seek to be. He stressed the significance of us learning up to two foreign language, Spanish is not included. There is growing need for Russian. Moreover, if we are looking for people to hire for our business, we shall look for people smarter than we are and let them do the job without micromanaging them. 

This event was one of the most insightful, informative and inspiring session we had to experience. The knowledge and the experience of a man that has not been discouraged by the most difficult and likely life threatening challenges. He went all over the world chasing his dream and making his vision a reality. 

Thursday, August 23, 2012


So, school started the begining of this week. I am taking most of my required courses as a graduate students of International Affairs. The courses sounds fun and informative. moreover, I would be adding new perspective since the materials being tought I lived them and witnessed them first hands. For instance, in the course of Political Violence, I believe I would be introducing the class to an applicable level of understanding the variables of political violance.
I do have this strange feeling of overwhelming motivation. One of my teachers worked for International Stucies academic journal facility. Therefore, this would open a connection for me to publish my articls and research papers. Moreover, I am taking Economic Development, which means I would be an expert in building economics from scratch at the end of this busy semenster.
At the moment, I am in the school library. I am collecting information about supply chain. Due to the job fair at UCO today, I walked out with a bag full of opportunities. Well, the world must be ready for me because I intend to rule it soon I gruaduate. Or this is relatively what I feel.
Wishing every student all the best

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


يل شايل بلوكه وتضرب بهالروس
امس امريكي يمك ما ضربته

خفت من عنده ابوكا يخليك
لو جنت مستفيد من عنده انته
... ...
جاي اليوم تكتل بحجة الدين
ولك يا دين هذا ومنهو انته

امس الامريكي قصف قبة على الكرار
وانت ساكت وما دافعت عن حُرمته

ولك يا دين اليكلك اكتل الشبان ؟
وتكتل كلمن مطول كذلته

انت لو زلمة وتدعي الاخلاص
جان بايدك هذا الوطن حررته


Sunday, March 11, 2012

Candle of truth: عذراً يا ابنتي ...

Candle of truth: عذراً يا ابنتي ...: نورس الشباني عذراً يا ابنتي لأنني أمقتُ اليوم الذي ولدتِ فيه ، فقط لأن الناس يكرهو...