Thursday, June 25, 2015

Terrorist Turkey

I have always wondered about the world's silence against what Turkey is doing. First, human rights violations. The world, including media does nothing to condemn these practices other than reporting them. Moreover, friends living in Turkey reporting seeing people with ISIS logo Tshirts and clothing items roaming in the streets with no problem. They are protected by law. All that and the world is either oblivious or chooses to ignore this on purpose. 

Yesterday, there have been news about ISIS regaining parts of Syria. This could be for any reason. However, what I saw this morning points out a different reality. Baghdad Invest made a report about the most popular hash tag these days ( #TerroristTurkey ). The hash tag started by people claiming that ISIS attacked the Syrian villages from Turkey borders. In fact, they have been allowed to move freely in and out of the borders. 

I find the world's silents about this matter very disturbing given people are losing their lives. 

Link is below:

Friday, June 19, 2015


"One day, the ache for people broke down my feelings of difference from them. I felt I most tear myself out of my aloneness. Nothing had ever come to me without my going after it. I had to fight for my living, fight for every bit of education. Why should I expect friendship and love to come to me out of the air while I sat there, dreaming about it."  p.218

"Don't worry. I'll even get married some day. But to marry myself to a man that's a person, I must first make myself for a person" 


Bread Givers - Anzia Yezierska 1925 

Persea Books, Inc. 

I read that book from cover to cover. This book described me almost in details. I can relate to the main character of the book very well. She struggled to break out from the old world and the culture that she has been raised to follow. She fought and struggled for all her dreams. I think it is a must read for every ambitious and driven woman.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

USGLC Summit

I am honored to be joined by more thn 300 state leaders from across the country at the  US Global Leadership Coalition (USGLS)`s Washington Summit to Promote American global engagement and the role that #SmartPower plays in our foreign policy. It is great to be at the Summit as they announce the launch of their Imact 2016 campaign highlighting the role of #SmartPower in the presidential elections.

The first great thing happen is them having the Noble Peace Prize winner (shared with Malala Yousifzai) Mr. Kailash Satyarthi ( Noble Laureate 2014). Child Right Advocate. What an honor to stand face to face with such a great man. I learned valuable lessons that would change my life forever. His basic messages are: 
  • education is the corner stone of development.
  • if a girl holds a pencil, a million guns will stop.
  • democracy, development, defense
  • dream big for a better world.
  • discover much more potentials, opportunities and challanges.
  • use this discovery.
  • Dream, Discover and DO!
  • there should be an international law combating child labor with no excuses and no dely

I also  had the chance to meet very nice people, different experiences and different walks of life. Moreover, there were many people focused on Iraq and international developent. In the session where  Ambassador John Negroponte/ US Deputy Secretary of State (2007-2009); US Ambassador to Irap 2005-2009. The panel talked about the significance of the  international development programs. I personally learned a lot. They spoke education, farming developments and others. 

At the A&Q  section, I stood up and introduced myself as a Fulbright scholarship alumni. I  stood and thanked the Ambassador and everyone in the room for their service and committment to Iraq and the developoment programs they presented to the people of Iraq. I closed by acknowledging the current role of the Iraqi youth and developing their country and asked to do more to empower those youth.

Later, people started talking to me. I engaged in many networking conversations. I met veterans form all over the country. The most significant event that the University of Cincinnati Veterans. They came to my and presented me the coin of honor!!! 

 I feel very honored and very excited about my involvement in this summit. It was worth the flight and the trip.

Monday, June 15, 2015

DJ Micro - Inside of Me

Trip to Washington, DC

Bags are packed. Papers are prepared. Lodging and transportation are taken care of. Now I am waiting for my friend who is giving me a ride to the airport. I am ready for my third visit to Washington, DC., one of my favorite places in the world. Every time I visit DC, I either learn a lot or meet with friends that are very close to me. Or both. 

This time I will be attending the Global Leadership Summit. There will be great speakers discussing significant global issues. I am looking forward to the experience and very optimistic. Moreover, there will be a chance for networking. This means many connections in my field of expertise, education and passion: International Relations.

I will be staying with a friend of my family. This is also exciting given I will be somehow near family. This is a priceless feeling. While I was growing up, I read many stories about the benefits of travel. Stories written by Arab travelers as well as westerns, they only convey one thing, traveling is a blessing. 

See you soon DC.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015


This poem written by a young Iraqi poet, Mr Ibraheem Saleem

Al Thaura Highschool, Baghdad, Iraq. 2015

I crossed the line
Holding your hands; feeling fine
You stepped back at ninety nine
Looking for a hidden shrine
I walked on my way
Like a stranger; I went away
You think that's OK
But honestly, I wished to stay
I might not realize it yet
That my road can't keep wait
you can't change your name a bit
Because you are the one who is late

This is my Path and that is your faith. So each of us could be ready for the next!

Ibraheem Saleem

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Chicane - Saltwater (Official Music Video)

Sunset Ponder

Written April 6th, 2015

Spending time with myself
Sitting at the porch, watching the sunset
loving that internal sensation 
It does not seem that it is going to end
Reflected, all those wounds
Too deep to mend
What do I want?
What are the goals?
What is that, I am living for?
If life is a candle, burning for a cause,
What is mine?
Would I be able to see it, in the sun shine?
Eager to know, I searched the core
Found many matters
Yet I know deep down,
There are more

Friday, June 5, 2015

Iraqi Journalist Designs People's Army Support Posters with your Name on It

Exclusive: Saif al Juboori, a Producer at a local radio station, offered  a design of a picture aimed at supporting the Iraqi People's Brigade that is fighting the self proclaimed Islamic State or ISIS or ISIL. Al Juboori wrote on the bottom of the picture:

I __________

I hereby declare my support the People's Army and Security Forces.

The upper section states copyrights to: People's Media facebook page.

The big writing in the middle states: Homeland Protectors ( Guardians). 

He encouraged people to send him their names as they wanted showed on the picture. He later writes the name on the picture and encourages people to post it in their own social media. 

Saif's initiative came as an attempt to show support for his people who volunteered along with the official Iraqi army to stop the progress and eradicate the self proclaimed Islamic State. So far, the Iraqi army along with the volunteer people's army side by side accomplished significant gains and caused the enemy significant casualties and losses in spite of the hardships, difficulties and lack of government support. The people's army contain diverse Iraqi ethnicity and religious groups and not as claimed before to be only Shiite army.

The only thing Al Juboori has not expected is the overwhelming demand. Although the main stream media show that the Iraqi population does not support the People's Army, the demand for putting names on these picture has sky rocketed. " I apologize for the delay in putting your names at the pictures, ladies and gents. The demand is very high and my time is only limited" Al Juboori stated in his facebook page. 

Below the picture Al Juboori made for me with my name on it. The picture says:

I, Hiba Jameel

I hereby declare my support the People's Army and Security Forces.

Hiba Jameel

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Peace Through Business, Help with Buses

Dear friends,

I have been volunteering with an organization that is working on a great cause: educating women and putting them to work.  Many women graduated from Afghanistan and Rwanda and we are ready to welcome them in the United States for their graduating ceremony. 

To make this happen, we need the following:

Recently, we reached out to our Dallas women in hopes that we could find someone with a connection to a transportation company who might be willing to help us with buses this July with an in-kind donation of driver and services, or significantly reduced costs.   We have been unsuccessful.
Since we have streamlined our Program this year, our transportation needs in Dallas are far less than in the past. However, we still need a motor coach style bus that would accommodate 30 people (23 PEACE THROUGH BUSINESS® students and IEEW staff-- plus luggage).  We'll be making round trips to DFW International Airport both July 7 and 18, and one additional round trip on July 17 to the Graduation at the George W. Bush Presidential Center.  We have secured 3 estimates and have determined the total cost would be $1632.57 or broken down in days it would look like this:
  • Day 1:   $597.41
  • Day 2:   $651.48
  • Day 3:   $383.68
        TOTAL:  $1632.57

As a 501(c)3 charity, we are completely dependent on the support of sponsors. This is a critical issue for us, and as you know we operate on a shoestring budget.  We've put together a sponsorship package for this specific donation
Donations in these increments would receive the following as a thank you from PEACE THROUGH BUSINESS®:

  • $1632.57 =   10 Tickets to the International Women's Economic Summit and                           Graduation  +  Company logo placed in our conference book.
  • $1000      =   8 Tickets to the International Women's Economic Summit and                             Graduation  +  Company logo placed in our conference book
  • $500        =   4 Tickets to the International Women's Economic Summit and                             Graduation  +  Company logo placed in our conference book 
  •  $250      =   2 Tickets to the International Women's Economic Summit and                                Graduation  +  Company logo placed in our conference book
  • $100        =   Company logo placed in our conference book

And if you haven't heard already, Presidential Candidate Carly Fiorina will be our Keynote speaker at the Graduation!  We appreciate your time and if you are considering a donation please let us know by June 12

The IEEW team looks forward to your positive response,

The Institute of Economic Empowerment for Women
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73112
If you would like to help, please contact  
Karen Berkheimer