Thursday, June 25, 2015

Terrorist Turkey

I have always wondered about the world's silence against what Turkey is doing. First, human rights violations. The world, including media does nothing to condemn these practices other than reporting them. Moreover, friends living in Turkey reporting seeing people with ISIS logo Tshirts and clothing items roaming in the streets with no problem. They are protected by law. All that and the world is either oblivious or chooses to ignore this on purpose. 

Yesterday, there have been news about ISIS regaining parts of Syria. This could be for any reason. However, what I saw this morning points out a different reality. Baghdad Invest made a report about the most popular hash tag these days ( #TerroristTurkey ). The hash tag started by people claiming that ISIS attacked the Syrian villages from Turkey borders. In fact, they have been allowed to move freely in and out of the borders. 

I find the world's silents about this matter very disturbing given people are losing their lives. 

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