Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Saturday, May 28, 2011


Though I have a billion things in my head! Still I suffer emptiness. The seconds passing and I am not doing anything profitable. I really feel useless in this world, and this sensation is killing me and making me feel that I do not have any contribution to this world. 

Time is an asset, an asset given to us to invest it in our and the world's good, it is a property to invest, so wasting it like that is against God's will. Me, sitting like that! is against God's will. 

My breath is my asset and need to be invested in something that would generate good results for me or for the world. I shall rise and explore my options.


Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Reality of Iraqi Streets Today

This picture expresses the reality of Iraqi streets; check points every certain distance causing horrible traffic jams because it only allows one car out of large number to pass after going on the bomb detector ( which proved ineffective and the check points still using it despite) that detects tooth fillings but not bombs and so on everyday and night.


Proud of Iraq Youth

Yesterday, I was invited by her excellency the parliament deputy maddam Safyyah Al-Suhel, known as the sponsor of women and youth conferences and their development, she held a conference and hosted it in her front yard calling for youth development where she invited several important characters such as embassadors, the Minister of Labor and Social Affairs, diplomats and some figuers. 

I witnessed how some of Iraqi youth are so ambitions to better themselves and how ma'am Safyya is trying too hard to help them do so..

Also sang an Iraqi rap band called Double B, they were so talented and owesome. 
Pictures are coming.