Sunday, May 1, 2011

Proud of Iraq Youth

Yesterday, I was invited by her excellency the parliament deputy maddam Safyyah Al-Suhel, known as the sponsor of women and youth conferences and their development, she held a conference and hosted it in her front yard calling for youth development where she invited several important characters such as embassadors, the Minister of Labor and Social Affairs, diplomats and some figuers. 

I witnessed how some of Iraqi youth are so ambitions to better themselves and how ma'am Safyya is trying too hard to help them do so..

Also sang an Iraqi rap band called Double B, they were so talented and owesome. 
Pictures are coming.


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  1. بدورنا ندعوكم لحضور احتفالية يوم حرية الصحافة العالمية في بغداد في المركز الثقافي النفطي في يوم 2011\5\3 تبدأ الاحتفالية من الساعة 10 صباحا وحتى الساعة 4 عصر بتوقيت بغداد
    كما ان هناك قسم خاص بالمدونين بإدارة مديرة فريق الرابطة دينا