Thursday, November 12, 2015

International Festival

Every November, the Office of Global Affairs at the University of Central Oklahoma holds the  International Festival. Every international student association has the chance to display their culture in a booth. The booth contain cultural pictures, items, treasures and educational material about their countries and sometimes local food. There is also a chance for every culture to perform their dances, play their music and sing their songs. It is my favorite festival of all. It is like a trip around the world .
in one evening.

This year though, I was looking forward for the festival. However, a sudden illness prevented me for joining. I decided to go for few minutes. I rested for a little bit then walked out from my apartment. It was nice to walk through Edmond, Oklahoma in the sun set. I walked by myself to Edmond Farmers' Market. I went through the streets. I was still weak, but managed to walk there. Walking through downtown Edmond in Broadway Extension refreshed my spirit. The trees were decorated with lights ready for holidays, the decorations, the antique shops, the lonely coffeeshop and the small statues. 

I arrived to the festival. The moment I walked in, I felt that I am traveling to different parts of the world. The Taiwanese, the Korean, the Saudi Arabian, the Indian, the Nepali, the Pakistani, the African, the Chinese, the Latin booths! All displaying culture, food, music and huge part of their countries' cultures. Then the talent performance! It was incredible experience like every year!!!


  1. I think you was carry iraqi flag in the past International Festival :)
    What you will cook (iraqi food) in this year ? ;)

  2. Haha yes I did you are right. I was too sick to do anything. Just went there for few minutes!!!