Friday, June 5, 2015

Iraqi Journalist Designs People's Army Support Posters with your Name on It

Exclusive: Saif al Juboori, a Producer at a local radio station, offered  a design of a picture aimed at supporting the Iraqi People's Brigade that is fighting the self proclaimed Islamic State or ISIS or ISIL. Al Juboori wrote on the bottom of the picture:

I __________

I hereby declare my support the People's Army and Security Forces.

The upper section states copyrights to: People's Media facebook page.

The big writing in the middle states: Homeland Protectors ( Guardians). 

He encouraged people to send him their names as they wanted showed on the picture. He later writes the name on the picture and encourages people to post it in their own social media. 

Saif's initiative came as an attempt to show support for his people who volunteered along with the official Iraqi army to stop the progress and eradicate the self proclaimed Islamic State. So far, the Iraqi army along with the volunteer people's army side by side accomplished significant gains and caused the enemy significant casualties and losses in spite of the hardships, difficulties and lack of government support. The people's army contain diverse Iraqi ethnicity and religious groups and not as claimed before to be only Shiite army.

The only thing Al Juboori has not expected is the overwhelming demand. Although the main stream media show that the Iraqi population does not support the People's Army, the demand for putting names on these picture has sky rocketed. " I apologize for the delay in putting your names at the pictures, ladies and gents. The demand is very high and my time is only limited" Al Juboori stated in his facebook page. 

Below the picture Al Juboori made for me with my name on it. The picture says:

I, Hiba Jameel

I hereby declare my support the People's Army and Security Forces.

Hiba Jameel

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