Tuesday, June 16, 2015

USGLC Summit

I am honored to be joined by more thn 300 state leaders from across the country at the  US Global Leadership Coalition (USGLS)`s Washington Summit to Promote American global engagement and the role that #SmartPower plays in our foreign policy. http://summit.usglc.org. It is great to be at the Summit as they announce the launch of their Imact 2016 campaign highlighting the role of #SmartPower in the presidential elections.

The first great thing happen is them having the Noble Peace Prize winner (shared with Malala Yousifzai) Mr. Kailash Satyarthi ( Noble Laureate 2014). Child Right Advocate. What an honor to stand face to face with such a great man. I learned valuable lessons that would change my life forever. His basic messages are: 
  • education is the corner stone of development.
  • if a girl holds a pencil, a million guns will stop.
  • democracy, development, defense
  • dream big for a better world.
  • discover much more potentials, opportunities and challanges.
  • use this discovery.
  • Dream, Discover and DO!
  • there should be an international law combating child labor with no excuses and no dely

I also  had the chance to meet very nice people, different experiences and different walks of life. Moreover, there were many people focused on Iraq and international developent. In the session where  Ambassador John Negroponte/ US Deputy Secretary of State (2007-2009); US Ambassador to Irap 2005-2009. The panel talked about the significance of the  international development programs. I personally learned a lot. They spoke education, farming developments and others. 

At the A&Q  section, I stood up and introduced myself as a Fulbright scholarship alumni. I  stood and thanked the Ambassador and everyone in the room for their service and committment to Iraq and the developoment programs they presented to the people of Iraq. I closed by acknowledging the current role of the Iraqi youth and developing their country and asked to do more to empower those youth.

Later, people started talking to me. I engaged in many networking conversations. I met veterans form all over the country. The most significant event that the University of Cincinnati Veterans. They came to my and presented me the coin of honor!!! 

 I feel very honored and very excited about my involvement in this summit. It was worth the flight and the trip.

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