Thursday, August 23, 2012


So, school started the begining of this week. I am taking most of my required courses as a graduate students of International Affairs. The courses sounds fun and informative. moreover, I would be adding new perspective since the materials being tought I lived them and witnessed them first hands. For instance, in the course of Political Violence, I believe I would be introducing the class to an applicable level of understanding the variables of political violance.
I do have this strange feeling of overwhelming motivation. One of my teachers worked for International Stucies academic journal facility. Therefore, this would open a connection for me to publish my articls and research papers. Moreover, I am taking Economic Development, which means I would be an expert in building economics from scratch at the end of this busy semenster.
At the moment, I am in the school library. I am collecting information about supply chain. Due to the job fair at UCO today, I walked out with a bag full of opportunities. Well, the world must be ready for me because I intend to rule it soon I gruaduate. Or this is relatively what I feel.
Wishing every student all the best


  1. Hiba, every time I see your posts, activities, and thoughts mixing with your strong ambition, I tell myself that you are going to be a shining star in this world. Keep up your beautiful hard work.

  2. That sounds interesting, good luck!