Friday, July 8, 2011

The New World

My third day in America studying English at Rochester Institute of Technology. Well, it seems that I am living a good life so far and experiencing the American students' life. Now I am sitting in the basement of the Dorms of Kate Gleesen hall doing laundry and decided to write about the experiences I had in that place.

The registration was good, we went to our first class and I met people from all over the world and mingled with them benefitting from their experiences as well as the teachers.

My first night was at the Radesson hotel in Rochester where I could experience the domestic American life. It was an amazing room and facilities. I enjoyed the room and the breakfast the next day. Then took a walk to school enjoying Rochester's wonderful summer weather and nature. Then we got to the building which was wonderful, full of Greek and international flags.

Then we took a test at the English Language Center, we scored advanced and our classes planned accordingly. Then we mingled with people from all over the country and I enjoyed the company of the Hispanic company, we met people and teachers and mingled a lot.

Then the next day I went with my colombian roommate and her Colombian friend for a jog at 5:30 in the morning and had a good laugh while enjoying the nature. We went for breakfast then realized we had classes so wee joined, me with my training clothes, then went to the room and changed after spending sometimes in the library.

Afternoon classes end, so we went to the book store and then had some food and coffee where other students joined us and it was a great fun. Then I visited the driving testing center and then back in the dorms to get ready for the party I was suppose to go to tonight. I also planned a Latino party with Diana and we are supposed to do it tomorrow.

Then back in the dorms I enjoyed some times of peace before dressing and go to the lobby and chatted about politics and the world problems with the bangali guy. Then I went to the party where I djed and had great fun. Then back late.

Next morning in class I had great time chatting with Aldigado the Colombian guy then we went to the library then to lunch when we met the bangle and the guy from Chile and another Japanese man then Danelo joined. We had an interesting conversation about politics and world issue as well as the economy.

Then we went to open a bank account where I had nice chat with Lisa. Then to the book store where I. Bought some motivational books and then I had a new experience to go to the mall and discover the beauty of the city and the life of modern Americans at mall. Then back to the dorms where I am doing the laundry now.

I am happy with this life and doing good so far. It is relaxed and each day new experience, new people new things to learn.

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