Monday, November 7, 2011

My Volunteering Experience

In that cold windy October night in Oklahoma, and as I was out of class, I saw a flier requesting volunteers to throw a Halloween party for the children in a substance abuse organization that are staying with their attending mums. I became so motivated to go through this experience. Since I've been through many bad experiences and I know what it feels, this would shape my skills to help others not to go through the same experiences. I applied without thinking.

Few days later, I received a text message from the organizers telling me that I am sellected to participate. My heart was dancing with happiness. The nexd day i wore my Halloween Tshirt, done my hair and wor a black scull hair band. While I was dressing up, I prepared my favorite story in my head to tell to the children.

So I was thinking. When this child realizes that he is being raised in a kind of rehab center, would this affect his/her entire life? Would this experience make them feel that they are not as normal as other children that grow up in normal homes? By doing this, I would at least contribute to bring happiness to their little innocent hearts. Another motive was ringing in my head; these woment are being transformed to normal persons after the task of the center is completed. How about a little motive to push them to be professional women and capable of sustaining good jobs and being effective members of the sociery, without mentioning being able to provide good lives for their children.

My heart was dancing as my carpool arrived. I was picking up the stuff I need with the speed of the sound. My belt bag is ready, camera, cellphone and the most important, my black dreaming little prince journal and a pen. Hurried downstairs and got into the car. I was watching the roads and the spaces of Oklahoma. What a wonderful day! Sunny, green Oklahoma was beyond the discription of words. Arriving there and helping to unload the food was a joy by itself.

Then we went inside and I helped with decoration. I was watching the women and children there. They seemed very normal. Children all are clean and dressed with neet detailed costums and so as the mothers. The mothers were very friendly and social. It was hard to tell that they are at some point abused substance or fell into the effect. Everyone was surprised that I am from Iraq and asked me so much questions. I was  asnwering happily.After offering help with decoration, I volunteered to help with the children giving a chance to women to enjoy the event and care for their other children. Holding babies and interacting with children was a very rewarding, soul norishing experience. I was wispering in the ears of young girls that they should be professional business women when they grow up and dress professionally. I gathered them and told them my favorite story. they were in a circle around me as I was wispering to each one of them empowering words.Then I noticed a young girl, a center attendee, early twenties. She dressed slappy in her pigama and unlike other women interacting with eachother, she was alone. I had an urging motive to go talk to her and try to motivate her but I was cautious that the center policy would not allow me to do so. Nevertheless I really regret not talking to her..

We did all kind of things, face painting, games, bag decorations, and contests. All the time my heart was dancing with joy as I jumped from a place to another looking for something to help with. The even came to an end and we also helped cleaning. It ended with even better experiences which is lunch at my favorite restaurant with the organizers where we got to know eachother and shared experiences. My gratitude is beyond discription to the organizers for providing such an opportunity for me to enjoy this experience.

OCTOBER 29, 2011
Oklahoma City

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