Friday, January 1, 2016

Christmas Party for the Children in Iraq.

The last two years, a group that I happened to be friends with decided to take the matter on their own hands to save their country, Iraq. Their names are: Henrick Fosberry (Christian) and other Muslim ladies including  Fatima Al Musawi, Dr Hiba Shehab and others. They decided to form a group and help people in need. Their activities includes helping the people displaced from their homes in Iraq, helping poor children, poor people, assisting the families lost members in the war, military families, orphan children and children with cancer. They provided many people with assistance including sponsoring the doctor visits and treatment for cases that required medical assistance and their entire prescription, they also raised money and  bought taxi cars for poor families and providing children with clothing and school supplies, They also assisted with providing furniture or repairing damaged houses for families in need. Their most prominent  activity has been their special care for children with cancer. They frequently visited the children with cancer ward, played with the children and distributed gifts. 

This holiday season, they decided to do something even more special. They threw a full scale Christmas party for orphan children. One of them dressed as Santa Claus and distributed gifts for the children. There were magic games, music, dance, clowns and animals. Fatima told me that the children were extremely happy. Some of them that was their first party ever. About 220 orphan child attended the party. Pictures of the party are below:

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