Sunday, April 10, 2016

So Much to Do!

Sunday evening. I am sitting on a leather sofa. I had planned my day around the idea that I will catch up with all the work I had to do. School work: I have about seven exercises to do for class, work for job to catch up on, finalizing the translation I did for my uncle, checking the work of a friend, some studying to do and catching up with reading and writing. However, I got hit by a severe headache. It started yesterday afternoon. I was at my part time job when I started feeling it. I had to stand but the pain made it very difficult. I had to walk around just to distract myself. Then the pain continued all Saturday night. I had to take pain meds and sleep the entire evening. Sunday morning, at 4 am, I woke up with a severe pain in the right side of my head. I had to leave the room and sleep on the couch with the heater on. The pain continued most of the day even through a lovely lunch with friends. I am still in that pain despite the fact that I took meds. All my plans are put on hold now.. This is really frustrating. 

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