Monday, April 18, 2011

Bombs in Baghdad! There we go again

As I was in our branch street trying to find a taxi to go to work, i heard the usual voices of a battle coming from the southwest of Baghdad. Another day in Baghdad I thought. I asked the taxi driver what was going on and he had no idea. As I passed Baghdad morning headache traffic jams and reached work, I knew that the bombing was 2 car-bombs exploded near the southern check point and gate of what is called (Green Zone or International Zone) killing and injuring at least 30 people of different nationalities.

As far as I know, this zone is highly protected, this is where the Iraqi government, American Government and Military plus some international companies and it is under the protection and control of the Iraqi Army upon the SOFA agreement signed in 2008 obliging the American Military to hand over this zone to the Iraqis. What I don't understand is, how come heavy loaded with bombs two cars passed this checkpoint without even being noticed by about 40 something Iraqi solider and officers spread along the gate?? 

God bless the Iraqi Army and its good performance. 

God knows what would happen if US Army leaves and the Iraqi Army be our only protection while it is unable to protect itself.

Also, the people who died or injured today, do they have families, mothers, wives, children, brothers, sisters, friends, loved ones and lives??? Who thought about them? or they are just a number???? 

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