Sunday, March 20, 2011

Another Journey my Soul Took

I am at the office, getting ready to go home! It was an exhausting day, I worked so hard and all my body aches.

It was a sunny kinda hot day. But very lovely! 

My soul took another journey which I am not really fond of! The journey of lost, hatred and self doubt. While I was on my way walking to work, I remembered my friend in Lebanon when she said " You are not happy with yourself" Yes she was right, I questioned everything from my appearance to my sanity and choices in life!!! Lived with self blame and self beating the entire day...I just want to know why? why I go that road and keep going? I know it will get me nowhere but still I go there.. 

Why can't I just be a normal human being ??? Why just live and go through life like a human being and stop those negative brain waves from affecting me??


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